Down Home with Davey


Howdy everyone…. From my family home in Youngstown, Ohio.  My story began as so many.  I was born and raised for the first six months of my life in a shelter.  Thankfully, I had the companionship of my siblings until my mom, Bonnie, came and found me.  I spent the next two years of my life in glory, lounging and sleeping my days away in mom’s apartment.  Since she was retired, I was never without attention.  Unfortunately, mom’s health began to decline and she could no longer live independently.  What was going to happen to me?

Thankfully, when mom first adopted me, she discussed and arranged that should anything ever happen to her, mom’s hooman son would become my legal guardian and I would live with him and his family.  Thankfully, my new hoomans have helped me adjust to my new environment, with a new cat perch, a bird feeder I am mesmerized with, and a warm comfortable bed to sleep in at night.  Thankfully, my new hoomans also remembered to bring my litter box and food bowls from home so I would have familiar items in my new environment.

I will always be grateful for my mom for first adopting me and when doing so being a responsible pet parent by making arrangements for my care should she ever become unable to keep me.  I know that the conversation was not easy but am eternally thankful she designated a caretaker that I was both familiar and comfortable with.  Rick and his family took great care and time to learn my routine and needs as I learned my new surroundings and family.

If you are contemplating adding a furry kid to your family, please consider creating pet guardians so your furry kids always have a loving home throughout their lives.