About Us

We are often asked how our journey began.  Stories of the squeaker toy graveyard and destroyed Kongs are more often than not met with vigorous head nods and “Your baby does that too!”

We thought we had the perfect treat and play toy when we purchased a sterilized cow bone and filled it with all-natural organic peanut butter or yogurt.  Mace, our Australian Kelpie and professional destroyer of everything dog toy-related, appeared to enjoy the bone.  We carefully monitored her so that she was never unsupervised with it.  It was under this watchful supervision one warm summer afternoon, when we heard “The Crack” heard ’round the house.  Upon investigation we determined that crack came from Mace, who had just stopped playing with her cow bone, licking blood drops from her lips.  Our vet’s examination gave us a terrible verdict.  Mace had one vertical crack on her back left canine with an two additional horizontal cracks in the next two canines.  All 3 teeth would need extracted.

This unforeseen, costly mistake, haunts us to this day.  Mace, ever resilient, has fully recovered and as they say, “the rest is history”…..

Our long quest of research and invention bring us to today, the launch of our company with quality handmade toys and products we now share with you and your furry four-legged kids.  Even with 3 fewer teeth, Mace still plays with the first Tug Toy we made over 2 years ago and knows that when her Nose Nuzzler comes out, wonderful treats await her. In addition to dog toys and products to enrich your home, we offer a wide range of kitty toys and products that Davey, our adopted feline, has tested and “cat approves”.

Looking for more? Don’t forget to visit our Partners in Pet Care page with invaluable links to other pet parents we personally consult and buy from.

Or visit “Mace’s Message” or “Down Home with Davey” for stories and updates on our family’s adventures and learning.  Drop them a line as they always enjoy hearing from their fellow four-legged friends—that is, when they take a break from something they are into… 

– The Furry Kid Pet Family